So you’re probably wondering what got us started doing The Chocolate Break. It was pure chance actually. I saw an article about a place in Canada called BETA5. They had chocolate bars that had ramen noodles in them. If you didn’t know, I run The Ramen Rater (www.theramenrater.com), where I review instant noodles.I had contacted the company which is in Vancouver, BC and they wanted to give me a sample. So up to Canada we went!

It was an interesting place – very small and very stylish really They also had some other varieties of chocolate there that we saw, including a little sampler of different chocolates that actually came on a small tray – also made of chocolate. We decided to try that too.

I knew I wanted to do a short video of trying the noodle bar, but the other chocolate sounded cool too. I asked my wife Kit if she’d be up for doing a video with me. This was a question I expected a resounding no to. She doesn’t tend to like being on camera. At all.

Much to my chagrin, she agreed to it. It was a lot of fun, trying all these fancy gourmet things. I asked Kit while I was doing the editing if perhaps she’d be up to doing a series of these videos – we could each pick a chocolate to bring to the tasting table each week and both give our opinions on them. She was okay with that idea as well and The Chocolate Break was born.

It’s been a lot of fun so farĀ  we have a lot of fun looking for chocolate to try on the show and it’s fun to see her on camera. I’ll also admit it’s a lot of fun editing video with my wife in it, too! I think the best part is seeing how excited she is about the whole thing; when we go out to to stores, I see her looking at chocolate products and getting that same look as I do going down the ramen aisle at an Asian grocery – something that was definitely an all me thing before and it’s really cool we have this together.

We hope you enjoy the show-and maybe try some of these chocolates too!


Hans Lienesch

November 2018