Episode 52: About To Expire!

Episode 53: About To Expire!

We’ve found that unless you use the chocolate, it goes bad. Doing episodes once in a while just won’t cut it – nor will not looking at expiration dates on bars when we purchase them. These next two episodes are devoted to the chocolate that must be tried before it dies. read more

Episode 51 : Tokyo Treat – JUST STOP IT.

After repeated emails politely asking to stop sending us these, We’re pissed off. I mean, you send us these damn boxes and we feel obligated to review them. But we don’t want to. They make us unhappy. It is a box of not fun for us. They take a long time to do and makes us fart. Just stop it. read more



In the beginning there was chocolate. Yea, the chocolate was lush and creamy; but the chocolate begat the jealousy of the masses. O dark lords of Lindt, what is your deal? Darkness and light collide as we delve into a vessel containing multiple flavors. Should say that there really are no dark lords of Lindt – they just haunt our dreams and bring forth snarls. Let’s begin. read more

Episode 47: The Mystery Chocolate Box

Mystery. Intrigue. Chocolate. Three bars, but what are they? I reached out to a handful of subscription box places to see if they’d be interested in sending samples for us to pore over and mysterychocolatebox.com was one who replied. I think at this point, we’re done with chocolate subscription boxes. What’s kind of tough is that the Japanese candy boxes had minimal chocolate in them, and what chocolate they had was just meh (not only that, I’ve emailed them numerous times and never get a reply – they just keep sending boxes). This box had chocolate, but we never find out who makes it, so it really didn’t jibe well for what we do. I’m hoping at some point a company will start pushing boxes of 5 or so bars for reviewing – that would work for us. Let us know. read more

Episode 46: Toblerone, Skor, Ripple & Tiny Zits

Episode 46: Toblerone, Skor, Ripple & Tiny Zits

Oh stop it. We all get zits from time to time and yeah they range from tiny and no big deal to holy cow is that thing breathing/has it a control drone hovering above that has some kind of invisible control mechanism giving it intelligence. One of the items today seemed like a big zit – although very tasty. So yeah. read more

Episode 45: Weird Canadian M&Ms Flavors

So they did this here in the states but they used plain M&Ms. These are all peanut varieties. I would say that this is fascinating to some degree, but whenever companies do these off the wall flavors, they usually fall short. There’s only one truly clear winner in this mix and it’s pretty obvious. I don’t think there’s any chance 2 out of the 3 would ever pass muster. I could be wrong. I mean, they elected Trump so all bets are off. read more

Episode 43: The Old People’s Selection

Oh wow rad – so in the previous episode, I was whining and moaning about how much I wanted to try these. Well, basically I broke Kit down after the past evening’s horror of last weeks samplings and we got to enjoy these. These are some products that really have withstood the test of time and with good reason, although we had different opinions on some. read more