Episode #74: Gnawing On Tiny Babies

Well, here we are again, doing our thing for this little captive audience of you and only you. We sincerely hope you enjoyed yesterday. Christmas is a day of gorging on deliciousness and indulging in treats and gifts. But now it’s time to pay the piper you son of a bitch. You have a hangover. You have a bit of stomach ennui. Was it worth it? We sincerely hope so.

Episode #74: Gnawing On Tiny Babies

Episode 12: Lindt Lindor White Chocolate & Meiji Milk Chocolate

Switzerland and Japan come back to haunt us yet again in this interesting duo. The time honored question of what caused people to start enjoying milk from animals comes to pass.

Lindt Lindor White Chocolate – Switzerland

Redemption! After really feeling let down by the Creation range, Lindt wows us with this white chocolate. The snarls of glee for their cave of chocolate could be heard from miles away.

Lindt – https://amzn.to/2MqRI26

Kit –  5

Hans – 4 3/4

Meiji Milk Chocolate – Japan

Guessing this is NOT made from dog’s milk, but what if there was a dog milk chocolate bar? Perhaps dogs would like it? I’m guessing the cacao would still be bad for them.

Meiji – https://amzn.to/2Msmasv

Kit – 1

Hans – 1/2