Episode #97 – Malaysian Chocolate From Malaysia – Part II

Time for another episode based around varieties from Malaysia. Maybe it’s time to start pushing out episodes again. It may be… I mean, it is a fun thing to do; but the only problem is time. It’s hard to find it, just hanging out and waiting to be used. Our time is very minimal these days… Two children in school, breathing, sleeping, you know… We shall see. Maybe something for the holidays? Let’s begin.


Episode #96 – Malaysian Chocolate From Malaysia – Part I

This is the first of two episodes we recorded back in May. That being said, we’ve had a bit of a full plate of doings in recent months, but the wait is over and this and next Thursday, we have more chocolate for you to enjoy.

We visited Malaysia in 2014 and it was an absolutely amazing place. This chocolate come from a company called Maestro whose address is in Butterworth – an area we visited! We may have driven by them back then! Small world. Maestro asked about doing a collab and so here we are.