Episode 27: TOKYO TREAT Valentine’s Box

A while back we tried a Japanese subscription box and I thought hey let’s try more! Here’s the February 2019 Tokyo Treat box! Lots of neat stuff to try in here. See below for a coupon code.

Go to  and use coupon code THERAMENRATER to get a discount!

Japan Candy Box – The Chocolate Break EXTRA

On The Ramen Rater, Hans unboxes a myriad of subscription boxes of noodles. Well, this tradition has started making its way over to The Chocolate Break! Here, we try out first box from Japan and see how we feel about it. Mind you, this post is being written in March of 2019 and so the contest mentioned is long over.

Watch the video to get our fascinating insights!

Get a Japan Candy Box here http://bit.ly/2K8x85q