Episode #86 – Easter Encounters Of The Third Kind

Episode #86 - Easter Encounters Of The Third Kind

My God – my throat is so sore. I mean, dude. It’s unbearable. It started with seasonal allergies, now it’s just like I gargled with broken glass. Like the punching bag in my throat turned into a swollen ham sandwich covered in marshmallows.

But enough about me – you people don’t care. I know you don’t. You’re all sheltering in place, watching your Netflix, complaining about shrimp ramen. But here we’ve brought all the beauty of this world under one banner of chocolate. This is the third Easter show we’ve done this year. That’s a lot of Easter chocolate. So sit back, enjoy, and stay safe, because we’re all in this together. Actually, the walls are closing in and you’re alone. So join us.

Episode #86 – Easter Encounters Of The Third Kind

Episode 29: Russell Stover Gift Box

During Christmas, candy and chocolate and treats and such fly this way and that. We got one of these and decided it was time to give one of these boxes a try – giving it The Chocolate Break treatment. Join us as we open the box and taste it’s sweet insides.

Russell Stover All Milk Gift Box – United States

In so many ways, this is our downfall. We migh have enjoyed this at the beginning of our journey of sampling and reviewing, but at this point, we don’t. We found almost every single offering here to be foul and far, far below par. It’s really sad. By looking for excellence, we get to enjoy less. But this we do for you.

Russell Stover Chocolates – http://bit.ly/russellstover

Kit – 0 out of 5 stars

Hans – 0 out of 5 stars