Episode 73: Mendocino Vino

She had that
Camarillo brillo
Flamin out along her head,
I mean her mendocino bean-o
By where some bugs had made it red

She ruled the toads
Of the short forest
And every newt in idaho
And every cricket who had chorused
By the bush in buffalo

She said she was
A magic mama
And she could throw a mean tarot
And carried on without a comma
That she was someone I should know

  • Frank Zappa

Episode 73: Mendocino Vino

Episode 63: Fuck You, Jay Inslee & Chocolate Review

‘My goodness, how rude’ said the person who doesn’t like the word fuck. But I don’t use it lightly. Jay Inslee, the governor of my state of Washington – who I voted for, just happily and in good conscious, handed down a really detrimental executive order which will cripple and destroy businesses, and really hamper a product that has gotten people to stop ingesting epic levels of carcinogens that have resulted in a total of over 1,000 deaths nationwide. Per day. He is banning flavors. Not of schnapps or vodka (like cotton candy), but of e-cigarettes/vape. The recent rash of people getting sick and almost ten as of this post dying is really crummy, I’ll give you that. But what’s more crummy is that by banning flavored ejuice, in effect, he’s taking a stand FOR big tobacco. What are all these kids he’s supposedly protecting from the evils of vaping that are already vaping to do? Well, there’s the traditional cigarette! They can steal them! Whee! Anyways, yeah – and we review chocolate in this episode as wll which is fun – some neat stuff. This isn’t going to be a regular thing or anything, but I needed to say something to the hundreds and millions of people who watch the show. The sheer size of the audience for The Chocolate Break is simply staggering! But in all reality, I think this was a seriously short sighted, knee-jerk reaction. For a guy who ran for president of the country on an environmental platform, I hope he’s going to pick up all the cigarette butts people are going to be dropping everywhere. Sad!

Fuck You, Jay Inslee & Chocolate Review