Episode 23: Bakery Nouveau & Madre Horchata Bar

Another round from the Northwest Chocolate Festival! Sooner or later I think you’ll be seeing a whole slew of varieties from this event – the companies were very kind and gave us so many samples. Not only that, they’re really good! Let’s check out two more!

Bakery Nouveau -United States

We want to be best friends with the guy who gave us these. Seriously. Both varieties we sampled were top notch and just extraodinary!

Check them out here – http://bakerynouveau.com/

Kit – 5 out of 5

Hans – 5 out of 5

Madre Chocolate Horchata – United States (Hawaii)

Dairy free bar with horchata flavor. Leaps and bounds closer to horchata than the last one we tried.

Kit – 4 out of 5

Hans – 3 out of 5


Macy’s FRANGOS – All Of Them! The Chocolate Break EXTRA!!

We took a trip to Seattle – parked at the Pacific Science Center, walked through the Seattle Center and saw lots of neat Christmassy things and then rode the Monorail downtown and ended up at Macy’s. There we got to do pictures with Santa (by the way this is the real Santa Claus – all others are complete fakers) and hit the Frango gift shop. Here is our special escapade through the FRANGO phenomenon – a ton of flavors to enjoy!

I could list all the flavors and scores here, but I’m lazy and actually the video is much more fascinating. So watch the video and get yourself some of these next time the holidays roll around! With the way that old style departments stores have gone these days, it might not be a tradition that lasts too much longer, sadly.