Episode 1: BETA5 Chocolate – Canada

Episode 1: BETA5 Chocolate – Canada

Episode 1: BETA5 Chocolate - Canada

This is our first episode of The Chocolate Break and where we got the idea to do the show. A lot of things have changed since this one, and hopefully you enjoy seeing this one.

BETA5 is a chocolate company in Vancouver, BC. The original reason we visited them was after I saw an article about them having an instant noodle infused chocolate bar, I had contacted them and they offered me a free bar if we came up and snagged it.

They also had an interesting sampler Kit noticed. Little multicolored fascinations with what looked like hand painted imagery on them. Flavors like earl gray and mango and combinations I’d never heard of before.

You might think ‘you really traveled over two hours for chocolate?’ Yep! Actually, we like going to Canada often for many reasins. First, it’s a nice change of pace. Then there’s the fact that Richmond BC has a big Asian population, which means more Asian stores which means more instant noodles to find to review on The Ramen Rater website. Plus there’s a Walmart there with all sorts of neat stuff and you can’t beat the exchange rate and the parking lot where we’ve seen Tesla, Ferrari, and even a Bugatti. Definitely a change from the ones in the states.

So check out these neat varieties from BETA5! Welcome to The Chocolate Break!

4 Replies to “Episode 1: BETA5 Chocolate – Canada”

  1. “Gourmet teeth” has me laughing hysterically. I admire your fortitude in tasting them all in one sitting. Looking forward to more episodes!

    1. Glad you liked it! Yeah Kit and I have very different tastes on a lot of things so I’m scoring some things she finds disgusting. We’ve actually got 21 episodes currently so there’s definitely more on the way!

  2. Campari is an Italian aperitif that’s made from herbs, spices and is very bitter . I like it in a drink called a Campari Bitch—vodka, Campari and soda water with lime. Great review of the chocolates! Christine was funny to watch eating the one with Bourbon. I take it she doesn’t like liquor.

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