Episode 10: Mars Maple & Snickers Crisper King Size

Episode 10: Maple Mars Bar & Snickers Crisper King Size

In the United States, the Mars Bar was replaced by the Snickers with Almonds – at least that’s the folklore, and then Mars disappeared. Well, Mars bars are alive and well in Canada. The Snickers Crisper is something very different – and something Hans’s mother requested we try. Again, we found both of these up in Canada. Note – we don’t live in Canada despite what you might be thinking.

Mars Maple – Canada

Maple is a flavor that can be way too strong. We were both pleasantly surprised here to find it in a way that was just about right and quite enjoyable

Mars bar – https://amzn.to/2U5rCEi

Kit – 4

Hans – 4

Snickers Crisper – United States

While a cherished choice of Hans’s mother, this variety didn’t please us in the extreme. The peanut left a kind of gravel in the palate that wasn’t easily swept away, distracting from the mouthfeel.

Snickers – https://amzn.to/2MpcE9L

Kit – 2

Hans – 3

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